I am so excited about my new shots! Thank you so much - I always have fun when you take my picture!
Kate Smith, Ottawa actor

Headshots - Female

A good photograph tells a story. For actors, a headshot is an essential professional tool, but anyone whose occupation puts them in the public eye can benefit from a quality headshot. In crafting a headshot, I will work with you to determine your needs, so that when we're done you'll have a variety of options to choose from. Here are the answers to frequently asked questions concerning headshots.

1. How much do you charge for headshots?
I have three prices for headshots depending on the number of looks you need; click here for more details. If you have more complicated needs, I'll give you an appropriate estimate.

2. Where do you shoot? Do you have a studio?
Yes, my studio is located at 1960 Scott Street, Suite 305, in Westboro (the Trailhead building). For more details and directions, click here.

3. Can we shoot at my home?
My photography setup is entirely mobile, so we can shoot wherever you like. If it's particularly out of the way, I may charge a transportation expense.

4. Do you know a make-up artist I can use for my shoot?
I know three! And they're all very good. If you're interested in using the services of a makeup artist, I will put you in contact with them directly.

For further information, please don't hesitate to contact me.