They are a wonderful series of photos and I think you have really managed to capture a sense of who I am and my range as a performer. Thanks.
Geoff McBride, Ottawa Actor

Catriona Leger (2008)

Isabelle Labrie (2008)

Annie Lefebvre (2009)

Jonno Katz (2009)

David Hersch (2008)

Peter Hayes and Greg Landucci (2008)

Australian comedy troupe, Weeping Spoon Productions (2008)

Ginette Mohr (2009)

Zach and Noel Counsil (2009)

Scott Sharplin, Penny Ashton (2008)

Jessica Ruano (2009)

Gemma Wilcox (2008)

Simon Bradshaw & Kelly Rigole (2009)

Mike Moffat (2009)

Brigitte dePape (2008)

Margo Macdonald & Teri Rata Loretto (2008)