You covered the entire evening in exquisite detail. Your work speaks for itself, and it speaks for the spirit and success of the event even more.
Judi Pearl, Les Prix Rideau Awards

Catriona Leger (2008)

Mike Moffat (2009)

Peter Hayes and Greg Landucci (2008)

Jessica Ruano (2009)

Ginette Mohr (2009)

Gemma Wilcox (2008)

Annie Lefebvre (2009)

Jonno Katz (2009)

Margo Macdonald & Teri Rata Loretto (2008)

Simon Bradshaw & Kelly Rigole (2009)

Scott Sharplin, Penny Ashton (2008)

Isabelle Labrie (2008)

David Hersch (2008)

Brigitte dePape (2008)

Australian comedy troupe, Weeping Spoon Productions (2008)

Zach and Noel Counsil (2009)