I just opened up the photos at work and I just wanted you to know you did an amazing job brotha!
Henry Shikongo, Ottawa actor


Taking photographs of theatrical productions is surprisingly challenging. Usually done in a tight time frame, working with sets, costumes and lighting that aren't necessarily complete, it can be difficult to make photographs that either enticingly sell, or faithfully document, the show in question.

Theatre photography generally takes two forms: Promotional photography, where the photographs are made in advance of the production for publicity purposes, and Archival photography, where photographs are made during the run of the show to document what it actually looked like.

Promotional photography tends to create photographs which capture the look and feel of the show, and are not necessarily 100% accurate to actual presentation. These photographs are meant to encourage a feeling, and make people want to go see the show. Archival photography needs to be a bit stricter in terms of what is captured, as the photographs can be used for grant applications or reports.

Blue Box, nightswimming theatre (2012)

Hamlet, Ottawa Shakespeare Company (2011)

The Crucible, CCLA/GCTC (2011)

Roller Derby Saved My Soul (2011)

The Lavender Railroad, Evolution Theatre (2011)

Antony and Cleopatra, Company of Fools (2011)

Circle Mirror Transformation, GCTC (2012)

The Curse of the Pekinese Peregrine, Eddie May Murder Mysteries (2012)

A Midwinter's Dream Tale, Company of Fools (2011)

Noises Off, Gladstone Theatre (2009)

Vimy, GCTC/NAC (2010)

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Algonquin Theatre (2011)

Strawberries in January, GCTC (2011)

East of Berlin, GCTC (2012)

Snapshot, Gruppo Rubato (2012)

The Secret Mask, GCTC (2012)

Fly Me To The Moon, GCTC (2012)

Mary Magdalene, Evolution Theatre (2012)

That Summer, Algonquin Theatre (2011)

Ridergirl (2012)

The Walk, Ottawa Fringe Festival (2011)

Bread (2012)

Under Milkwood, OTS (2011)

Little Martyrs, Evolution Theatre (2011)

Christopher Durang one-acts, Algonquin Theatre (2012)

The Final Twist, Gladstone Theatre (2009)

How It Works, Plosive Productions (2012)

Live From the Belly of a Whale, Micasa Theatre (2011)

Ottawa Theatre Challenge (2011)

Speed-the-plow, Plosive Productions (2011)

La Boheme, Opera Lyra (2012)

This is a Recording, Ditto Productions (2009)

Extremely Short Play Festival, New Theatre of Ottawa (2012)

The Film Noire, Algonquin College (2012)

The Brad MacNeil (2012)

The Shadow Cutter, GCTC (2011)

November, Seven-Thirty Productions (2012)

His Girl Friday, CCLA/GCTC (2012)

Cyrano de Bergerac, Plosive Productions (2012)

Ottawa Stilt Union, Rideau Awards (2011)

Zastrozzi, Algonquin Theatre (2011)

The Suicide, OTS (2012)

The Fireweavers, Lumiere Festival (2012)

We Want Life!, Ottawa Theatre School (2012)

Stones in his Pockets, Seven-Thirty Productions (2012)

Airport Security, Gruppo Rubato (2010)

Shadows, Queen Mab/Parry Riposte (2010)